Cruel winter

with apologies to Bananarama, commuting sucked for me this winter. I finally gave up last week despite having dropped lots of money on gear including studded tires, cycling boots, and warm baselayer. I was determined to make it happen, and I did manage to commute through the worst of January and February. But toward the end of last month I had had enough.

My usual 60-minute trip to work had become 75 or 80 given the plowed snow blocking traffic, the need to slow down for ice, added resistance of studded tires, not to mention the time it takes to dress up. moreover, when I arrive I’m not energized but exhausted, and I frequently get headaches that last all day even though I’m hydrating well.

Worse, I find myself ravenously hungry when I bike in the cold. I’m sure I’m burning more calories, but I end up consuming those and then some. I’ve put 10# back on in the last few months, which really sucks. I’ve tried sticking to various eating plans, but I”m just too hungry to follow through.

So I quit last week and pulled the rear studded tire off of my bike in hopes of making it go a bit faster (for rec rides). Then I promptly fell over on a sheet of ice and hurt my knee. Not my season…

The last two days have been blessed however. In today’s 60-degree weather I rode to and from church and then around the neighborhood before the sun went down. Nothing impressive, to be sure, but what a pleasure to get back on clear pavement for the first time in what seems like months.

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